The education board (SN)


The Education Board (Studiemiljönämnden, SN) serves as a bridge between students and the teaching staff at the school and works with education related issues. Together with THS Education and GRU, SN are constantly working to improve the education and study environment at the School of Chemistry, Biotechnology and Health. SN also takes students’ opinions and concerns to THS Education to improve KTH as a whole. Students of the Education Board also participate in the School Council and Education Council to discuss education related issues with THS Education along with the Education Boards from other chapters.

The Education Board consists of a number of students with different posts that work with educational questions at different levels. These are as follows; Head of the Education Board (Studienämndens Ordförande på Kemisektionen, SNOK), programme managing students (Programansvariga Studenter, PAS), school management representatives, faculty renewal representatives (Fakultetsförnyelserepresentanter), a safety representative (Trygghetsombud, TryggO), and the first year’s representative, SN1.

Together, the Education Board functions as student representatives at KTH in several different areas. Among other things, SN evaluates the courses and work to improve and develop the programmes. This is mainly done through meetings with class representatives or course representatives, programme managing students (PAS), teachers and programme managers (PA). School management representatives pass along the voice of the students at board meetings where questions about educational plans, budget, learning objectives and teacher allocation in different courses are discussed. Faculty renewal representatives participate in the hiring or promoting of teachers. Problems with premises and injuries, and if someone feels unfairly treated by, for example any student, lab assistant or lecturer at the school belongs to TryggO's working area.

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The Education Board consists of:

The Chairman of the Education Board, SNOK, Matilda Carlqvist -

Program Manager Student for Bio, Emmie Pohjanen -

Program Manager Student for K, Paula Sommer -

Program Manager Student for K-ing, Roberto Gac Verruga -

School management Representative for K, Samuel Emilsson -

School management Representative for Bio, Jenny Sjöström -

Faculty renewal representatives for K, Astrid Wilsby -

Faculty renewal representatives for Bio, David Jonsson -

Master Coordinator, Vacant

TryggO, Karin Alexandersson Ros -

SN1, Intisar Salim -