Tips from SN:


●      Make sure to check out the course PM regularly, it contains important information about the course! If you can find it, ask the lecturer!

●      Training is good for your studies! You learn up to 20% more after you have exercised. Exercise with SN every Thursday at 17.15, we meet at Draget.

●      Download the Hold-app! Collect points by not using your phone for 20 consecutive minutes. The points can be used to buy snacks.

●      Start studying in time! Don’t save everything until the exam period.

●      Study a little bit every week

●      Khan Academy: A great platform with video tutorials that explain concepts and subjects in a simple way.

●      Help each other! Study together and learn from each other.

●      Practice your knowledge by explaining concepts to your friends

●      Mathematics help: Monday-Thursday 15-19 (

●      Numerical methods and Matlab help: 11-13 & 17-20 every day


●      Material for Math courses: Good practice questions and notes to complement the course material. (

●      Get an overview of your courses: Most courses have a course memo (Kurs-PM) on its corresponding webpage or on Canvas which contains descriptions of examinations, course structure and reading instructions

●      Practice a lot! It will make sense eventually, especially if you work together

●      Don't look up the answers too quickly!

●      Make up fun memory games for concepts

●      Flashcards are great!