We in SN



SNOK is the leader of SN and represent SN in the chapter. The tasks for SNOK are among other things to plan and hold SN-meetings, stay in contact with THS, take care of the economy and attend OAR (OrganAnsvarigas Råd). SNOK also makes sure that the other members of SN know what to do and how to do it.


PAS- bio/K/K-ing

PAS is the programme managing student and there is one for each program. PAS primary task is to develop the programme and the courses in the programme together with the programme manager (PA) and the director of first and second cycle education (GA). To do so, PAS evaluates courses together with students from each year once every period. PAS can also help you if you are having trouble with a course and works as a link between the students and the teachers.



TryggO is the student safety representative at the chapter. Assignments for TryggO include to raise questions about equality and discrimination at Kemisektionen. TryggO attends meetings with other students with similar roles at their chapters to discuss these questions. Another task is to make sure the facilities in the school are study-friendly. If you feel that you are being treated unfairly by another student or a teacher, TryggO is the one you should talk to!


Faculty renewal representatives/Fakultetsförnyare-bio/K

The faculty at the school is in constant change. To maintain the quality of the education, student representatives are present when a teacher is being hired or promoted.


School management representative/Skolrådsrepresentant

The school management representative attends the meetings where decisions for the education is being made. Examples of these meeting are the strategic advisory board and the school council. 



SN1 is representative from year 1 of the education and is chosen after the reception. The role is to help the rest of SN to get an insight into the new students perspective of their first year. SN1 is a good way to early get an idea what it is like to be active in the chapter and how the education can be developed.


Master coordinator

The master coordinator works like PAS, but for the master programmes.