Graphic Charter


All of the official documents produced by the Chapter should follow the "Memo for Graphic Charter" which can be found under the "Governing Documents".


Document templates

Simple document, suitable for simpler documents such as letters or other documents.

Standard with front page and table of contents, suitable for longer documents.

Motions, to the Chapter Meetings. Also suitable for Fund Requests (äskningar). For how to write a Fund request to $$, check the "Memo for Fund Request" which can be found under "Governing Documents". 


Receipt Accounting Form

Aren't there any receipt accounting forms (kvittoredovisnings blanketter) left in Draget? Feel free to print out some!

Kajan, colored.

Kajan, colored.


These are the official logotypes used at the Chemistry Chapter.

Standard (jpg, black and white)
Standard transparent (png, black, white parts are transparent)
Color (jpg, colored)
Color transparent (png, colored, white parts are transparent)


Kajan with "THS Kemisektionen" to the left of Kajan
Standard (jpg, black and white)
Transparent (png, white parts are transparent)

Special versions
Vectorized (vectorized, black and white, appears blurry on the screen, used for printed material.
Watercolor (jpg, watercolored)