Elections to SM1

The Election Committee has now opened the application for the following positions:

Vice DM
Ordförande CIA
Producent Krexet
Fakultetsförnyare BIO
Fakultetsförnyare CHE

If you wish to apply, send your application to valord@k.kth.se. Include which position you are applying for, why you are applying to that position and why you think that you are suitable.

The last application day is September 7th.

If you have any questions feel free to write to valord@k.kth.se.

The information you provide is kept until SM1 and is thereafter deleted.

Best regards, The Election Committee

Elections at SM4

You can now apply for the positions that are elected at SM4. 
The following positions are up for election:

  • Ordförande i Styrelsen
  • Vice Ordförande i Styrelsen
  • Ledamot i Styrelsen
  • Revisor
  • Revisorsuppleant
  • Talman
  • Vice Talman
  • TLCO
  • TLCnous
  • INO
  • VIN
  • Direktör i Krexet
  • Producent i Krexet
  • Ekonomichef i Krexet
  • SNOK
  • PAS-K
  • PAS-Bio
  • PAS-King
  • TryggO
  • Masterkoordinator
  • Skolledningsrepresentant CHE
  • Skolledningsrepresentant BIO
  • Fakultetsförnyare CHE
  • Fakultetsförnyare BIO
  • PapaA
  • C-red
  • Ligandansvarig
  • Vice Ligandansvarig
  • Ansvarig i UK


Link to form: https://goo.gl/forms/Q1pZkwwPdIjOkR1N2

Last day of application is March 31st 2018. 
If you have any questions, contact valord@k.kth.se.

Best regards
Nomination Committee

Student volunteers ISCN 2018

KTH is hosting the 12th annual ISCN conference which will focus on the role of Higher Education Institutions for sustainable development. KTH is looking for student volunteers to be part of ISCN conference 11-13 June.  As a student volunteer you will assist chairs, speakers, and attendees. You will play a key role in making the conference a success. All volunteers will receive a certificate for their CV, free access to the conference day programs and all fikas and lunches included. Deadline for application: 2 MarchMore information and how to apply here

Meeting summon to Unga Forskare Stockholm's annual meeting

Kemisektionen är härmed kallade till Unga Forskare Stockholms årsmöte den söndagen 25:e februari kl 12:00.

Mötet kommer att vara i UFS:s lokal på Polhemsgatan 38.

Bifogat finns Kallelsen i sin helhet och två motioner (motion 1, motion 2).  All information om årsmötet och handlingar kommer att läggas upp på UFSs hemsida.

Skicka in eventuella motioner till styrelsen@ufs.se senast den 11/2 samt nominera massa folk till styrelse, valberedning och revisorer till valberedningen@ufs.se!