Chapter Hall, Draget

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Draget, short for Dragskåpet (Fume Hood) is the name for the Chapter Hall. At the Chapter Hall you can microwave your food, borrow cutlery and find a place to study. It is a social hub where you can meet other students studying the same program as you and almost on every friday Draget opens up for pubs.


There are som rules and guidelines that should be followed: 

  • All kind of nuts are banned, this includes in food and candy.
  • You can leave/store food, coffee, tea or other stuffs in Draget as long as you mark it with your name. Lunch boxes should also be marked with dates before put in the fridge.
  • You are allowed to take part of all unmarked food.
  • You are allowed to borrow all of the kitchen-ware, cutlery and plates.
  • No major cooking is allowed in the kitchen.
  • Wash everything you use and place it back from where you took it, this is extra important during the exam period when it tends to get extra filthy.
  • We have recycle stations for cardboard, plastic (soft and hard), metal, can and bottle deposits and glass. These are found under the microwaves and coffee makers.
  • There is a room (opposite the elevator) with cleaning supplies, such as waste bags, paper towels and etc.  
  • You are not allowed to stay in Draget during 03.00-06.00. 

Remember if these privileges are mishandled they could be taken away, please follow these guidelines for everyones comfort. 




Delivery address

Teknikringen 36b
114 28 Stockholm


Postal/Billing address 

Teknikringen 36b
100 44 Stockholm