Application for PAS-King, HU, K-Eq and Paparazzi

The application for the program-responsible student for Kemiteknik, PAS-King, is now open! Please note that this position requires fluency in Swedish. This election is conducted by the Chapter board. Apply here:

Additionally, the application for the chapter’s newspaper’s editorial staff, HU, is also open! You can apply here:

Lastly, you may now join the chapter’s new association for equality and inclusion, K-Eq! You can join here:

All 3 forms will remain open until June 16, 23:59.

Do you know a Chemistry Chapter superhero? Nominate them for the Honorary Award!

The Kemisektionens Hederspris, aka Chemistry Chapter Honorary Award is once a year bestowed upon any individual who has "been deeply engaged in the Chemistry Chapters' activities, and worked for the good of the chapter for a long period of time". Nominations are collected from chapter members, and a laureate is elected by the Committee for the Honorary Award and confirmed at Chapter Meeting 4. Everything concerning the award is regulated by the Policy for the Honorary Award (swe).

Nominations, including the name of the nominee and a short motivation, may be left in the urn in Draget which is depicted below or alternatively, sent to . The last date for nominations is Friday, April 12.

We would like to tell you who the Salamanders are!

Mystique in all its glory, but the Salamanders should not be hidden!

In the past were the Salamanders a defined part of the Chemistry Chapter, but since a couple of years ago have they become more and more forgotten! This has resulted in that many students don't know what a Salamander is!

A Salamander is a graduate member of the Chemistry Chapter appointed by the Chapter Board ($$) and the present Salamanders. The Salamanders have been given the honorary assignment to be a link between the chemist generations and the industry.

The contact between graduated students and Salamanders towards the students at the Chemistry Chapter can be a huge support. Therefore, has an initiative started to resurrect this connection, so that the Chemistry Chapter can have a flourishing alumni network!

The first event for this will be the 16th of February and is called Veritas.

For more information please check in the Facebook page Veritas.