The Reception (Mottagningen)


The first thing that happens for new students at KTH is the reception. The reception starts off with an official ceremony held by KTH at the city hall (Stadshuset). It then continues for two weeks with activities, events and parties almost every day from early morning to late night. It will be filled with stuff to do, both for fun and for education, such as the introduction math and chemistry courses KTH offers.The reason we do this is for you to feel welcome at KTH and the chapter, quickly get in to the life as an university student, it is also a means for you to get to know your new classmates as well as older students. It is very important for you to know that everything during the reception is voluntary. That being said we strongly recommend you to participate as much as you can. You will not regret it! After the first two weeks  you will be enrolled and your studies will start for real. 

The reception is NOT to be confused with the hazing (nollning) which have taken place at KTH many years back and that still take place at high schools in Sweden. We are strongly against hazing and don’t take part of activities related to hazing. Everything is for you to have as much fun as possible. Every year, many of the Chapters agree on a set of rules on what is permitted during the reception set by THS.


Kompis (Faddrarna)

KOMPIS stands for Chemistry's Official Moms and Dads in the chapter. We will be your guides and help you around during your two first weeks here at KTH.





Musikaliska Direktoriet

Musikaliska Direktoriet, also know as MD is the chapters's group of performing arts. They spread joy and love to all the newly enrolled students and makes sure you all feel loved. At the end of The Reception, MD together with the new students put on a spectacular theatrical show, Nøllespexet.



KAOS (Kemisektionens Allt-i-allO Studenter) is the hardworking group of people that do all kinds of stuff that makes sures the reception runs smoothly. For an example KAOS among other things makes and prepare lunches and arranges gasques.