Application instructions

After having decided which universities you want to apply, please prepare the following documents (in English):

1. A letter of motivation describing why you would be a suitable candidate. (Max. 1 A4.)
2. Your CV.
3. A Transcript of Grades from Ladok containing all grades, courses passed and stating the total amount of points taken.
3.1 Calculate your GPA (to 3 decimal places) using the following formula:
GPA = SUM(grade * (amount possible mandatory credits)) / SUM(amount possible mandatory credits)), using A=5, B=4,5, C=4, D=3.5, E=3.

Once you are ready, click on apply!


Note: Application period is between Jan 24, 2018 – Feb 07, 2018. The committee will start evaluating your documents only after the deadline. So you may submit as many applications as you want, only your latest application will be evaluated.