We would like to tell you who the Salamanders are!

Mystique in all its glory, but the Salamanders should not be hidden!

In the past were the Salamanders a defined part of the Chemistry Chapter, but since a couple of years ago have they become more and more forgotten! This has resulted in that many students don't know what a Salamander is!

A Salamander is a graduate member of the Chemistry Chapter appointed by the Chapter Board ($$) and the present Salamanders. The Salamanders have been given the honorary assignment to be a link between the chemist generations and the industry.

The contact between graduated students and Salamanders towards the students at the Chemistry Chapter can be a huge support. Therefore, has an initiative started to resurrect this connection, so that the Chemistry Chapter can have a flourishing alumni network!

The first event for this will be the 16th of February and is called Veritas.

For more information please check in the Facebook page Veritas.