Application for associations closing soon

You may now apply for membership in several of Kemisektionen’s associations. Some of the application forms are closing quite soon, so apply while you can! Links to forms are found below. More info in the forms.

Leader positions in Krexet, the chapter’s own musical theater production - closes September 20

Krexet application (SWE+ENG)

First year’s representative in the chapter board - closes September 13

Nr1 application (SWE+ENG)

Membership in HU, the editorial staff for the chapter newspaper - closes September 15

HU application (SWE+ENG)

Membership in KÄKA, the chapter’s cooking association - closes September 15

Apply for KÄKA (SWE+ENG)

Membership in TLC, the association for merchandise and chill activities - closes September 15

TLC application (SWE)

Various leadership positions in the chapter - closes September 16

Apply for leadership positions (ENG/SWE)

Membership in KNUT, the chapter’s business contact board - closes September 18

KNUT application (SWE)

Membership in KEq, the chapter’s equality committee - closes September 20

Join KEq (SWE+ENG)

First year’s representative in SN, the chapter’s study board - open until further notice

SN1 application (SWE)

Membership in The Ligands, the free association

No application form - just show up at the lunch meeting in Mysrummet any Wednesday