Apply for the Union Council or Union Management Team!

Right now, the applications are open for two of the most critically important bodies in THS: the Union Council (Kårfullmäktige) which is the highest governing body, and the Union Management Team (Kårledningen) which are the main operative branch of THS.

You may submit your candidature for the Union Council here until September 30: All chapter members will then be able to vote for their preferred candidate. More information is available here:

You can read about the different positions within the Union Management Team and submit you application here until October 1: The Union Management Team are full time jobs where you take a year off from your studies and instead get pay from THS. If you know someone you think would fit the job, you can also nominate them by sending an email to Your nomination will be anonymous.

If you are interested in the democratic governing systems within THS but are not tempted by any of the above positions, there are still options for you! Right now, you may also apply for the following positions:

  • Auditor (revisor) of THS - reviews the activities of the union and its chapters, so that they follow the law and their own regulating documents.

  • Member of the Election Committee (Valberedningen) - organizes the elections conducted by the Union Council and Union Board by receiving applications, interviewing applicants and issuing statements to the electing bodies.

  • Election coordinator (Valgeneral) - responsible for convening and chairing the Election Board (Valnämnden), which will organize the next election for the Union Council.

  • Secretary of the Student Union Council - keeps record of what decisions are made within the council.

The four above positions require fluency in Swedish. The Election Committee can be applied to here: To apply for the other positions, send an email to